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Incredibly Generous Poison!

Lance and I both developed a  soft spot for a totally-kid friendly American game show,  “Don’t Forget The Lyrics.”

I have a thing for the host…he’s an African American thirty-something hunk named Wayne Brady, who can sing, and is so passionate and eager for the guest to climb the money ladder-Lance is intrigued by the rather eccentric guests that attempt to win a million dollars by replacing the words or phrases of obscure or well-known songs.


I have  a photographic memory when it comes to song lyrics, and Lance has caught on to the fact that if I auditioned for the US show, that I may have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Tonight, we sat gobsmacked, as the host Wayne Brady announced who the Celebrity Guest would be.

Bret Michaels, lead singer of metal band, Poison, announced how he was a fan of the show, and that any money he won would not be going in his own pocket, but a place very close to his and all of our hearts.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (JDRF.)

Bret Michaels has had Type 1 Diabetes for 22 years, diagnosed at 7 years of age.

Lance’s mouth was still wide open as he heard the singer speak about his life on injections. It was probably the first time he had heard a famous male speak so honestly about living with their shared condition.

Bret Michaels won $200 000 for …..52441

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (JDRF.)

Congratulations, Bret, for sharing your life story with young children, and more importantly, raising US$200 000!!

I have to admit that I am hardly a Poison fan…lol…but I will never forget the night that I watched some hope  for a cure with my son , delivered in the shape of the Bret Michaels. 🙂




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A Victorious Moment-Paying It Forward To Your Favourite Bloggers!

One thing I have learnt about type 1 diabetes is that just when you think your life is akin to an overgrown bunch of noxious weeds, if you look hard enough, smack bang amidst the jungle you can find the most incredible bunch of exotic blooms.

Today, I found a gorgeous flower that made me smile. In fact, I’m STILL smiling.

My friend Kez sent me an email, and told me that I had a surprise awaiting on his website. After a really horrid day, I was intrigued to investigate.

After scanning through his latest post, I soon found myself grinning, as I had become the proud recipient of the Superior Scribbler Award!

I Won This Award!

I Won This Award!


The award was originally created by Melissa over at The Scholastic Scribe. She initially awarded the prize to her five favourite bloggers, who then awarded their five faves, and so on.

My tres amazing hombre, Kez-author of Interpret This! has given me the ultimate privilege of sharing with the blogosphere that Why Did The Insulin Die is one of his favourite blogs! 

Kez writes an eye popping and lusciously addictive blog about everything between his passion for a fine automobile to his quirky, everyday life in Melbourne. Somewhere amongst all of that, you will discover that Kez also has Type 1 Diabetes. I often forget this, however, because he has the ability to just get on with the show. He showers the world with his sunny disposition, and he has a heart as huge as a drag queen’s headpiece. It hasn’t taken long at all for Kez to become someone that I dearly cherish as a friend. He is always looking out for Lance, and he has this amazing ability to make me feel so special. So, Kez, on behalf of the staff of (I actually DO have a wonderful team on board, I have my IT guru, my understudy, in case I’m stuck in a crisis or an emergency;he knows Lance and me well enough to take over, and of course, the star of the entire production, Lance,) THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kez, for selecting our little blog as one of your top 5, out of so many worthy and wonderful reads!

So, before I reveal my Top 5 bloggers, I am required to publish the rules of participating in heaping ice buckets full of praise and adoration upon the worthy winners.


Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this postand add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Okay, now that the official part of the post is over, we now get down to the nitty gritty, as i announce the winners, carefully chosen by me, with some very important input from Lance.

In no particular order…

The first winner is Janek, author of The Engineer Also Muses. The name says it all..Janek is an Engineer, working tirelessly (in between msn conversations) to become Dr Janek, by obtaining his PhD. He muses about everything from humourous number plates to posting how many SMS messages he has exchanged with his beloved since they began dating approximately 4 months ago. On a more serious note, Janek is struggling to comprehend with a mysterious burden that affects his home, work and social life. He has an unexplained form of chronic pain, and despite being zapped, prodded and scanned, his medical team are unable to give him an actual reason for why his pain exists, and have therefore lumped his case with the title of nothing short of having a severe case of “Chronic Pain.” Janek manages to keep his head held high and hopes for the best-his wisdom and maturity is so advanced despite his almost 23 years. He is also a passionate advocate for many causes, and when he gets on his soapbox-be warned. Janek is only relatively new to the blogosphere, but has embraced entertaining his readers with gusto. Bravo, Janek.

Kerri‘s award winning blog, Six Until Me, chronicles her last 22 years that she has shared with Type 1 Diabetes. Determined to live life to the fullest, as well as being an amazing advocate for all people with The Big D, her posts leave you with food for thought, empower you to maintain superior health and a positive outlook despite having a pancreas void of insulin, and her ability to share her own terrifying experiences with hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia are absolutely heartwrenching. Kerri’s was the very first blog that I came across almost three years ago, I was so intrigued and excited to find an online account of survival that was written by a twenty-something, successful women from Rhode Island who knows her diabetes back to front and inside out. An absolute must read for anyone new to the Diabetes Online Community. I can guarantee that you will find yourself wanting your daily hit of Six Until Me. Oh! By the way, Kerri has managed to make her gorgeous cat an international star! 

Dan, author of My Life In The Slow Lane tells of a young man who has overcome some very dark phases through adolescence with chronic illnesses and depression. He has found the inner strength to live alone in Sydney and attend University, while enjoying an entertaining social life and seducing the reader with his incredible talents as a wordsmith. A inspiring story of how chronic illness could not hold this man back; he managed to emancipate himself from its clutches. Dan can fully identify with how living with Fibromyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are so misunderstood, very much like Type 1 Diabetes, often accompanied with the dreaded exclamation, “But you look so well!” A laugh-out-loud account of day-to-day life as a student, a patient, peppered with the excitement and challenges of a flourishing relationship. An inspiring and passionate read, with a twist of ascerbic wit and the odd, unapologetic outburst.

Bitten And Bound The Not So Pretty Side Of Hollywood speaks for itself. An all-girl lineup contribute to this blog (Missy, Meg and Andrea), giving delightfully humourous accounts of C Grade celebrities getting up to mischief.  I  recently enjoyed the Sarah Palin/Tina Fey SNL fiasco that the girls were able to present for our viewing pleasure. Bitten and Bound is your number one stop to find out about scandalous behaviour of the rich and famous, (yes, you, David Duchovny of the XXX Files.) An up-to-the-minute blog about Hollywood behaving badly, with fantastic pics to boot.

And the final spot belongs to..Shannon. This woman is possibly the U.S version of me. Her blog, Mom Wants A Cure tells of Shannon’s eldest child, Brendon, and his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes followed by his survival and the family’s acceptance of The Beast. Unlike me, Shannon has to devote herself to her husband, her two other chlldren and helping Brendon look after his Diabetes, as well as finding the odd ten minutes for herself. Both Lance and Bren were diagnosed at roughly the same time, and are pretty much the same age. Shannon’s blog is a hoot, she is unashamedly honest, (she enjoys colouring her posts with the odd expletive.) I often laugh out loud when I come across expletives used as adjectives or even the only word in a sentence. Dealing with hypos and high blood sugars year after year are bound to bring out some type of frustrated exclamation!) This woman also has the hugest heart and shows so much compassion to those in need of an ear. I relate to Shannon in so many ways, because we both are Mum’s/Mom’s who want nothing more than a cure. “Pure and Simple.” 

 Congratulations to these well-deserving recipients! It was definitely a difficult selection process. Each of these blogs provide me with comfort and much laughter.

Once again, big love and hugs to you, Kez. It was actually very difficult to keep you off my favourite five list!To all of the bloggers who have no reason to include a diabetes info and support blog on their blogroll, but have added us anyway…THANK YOU, TOO!! You are providing an invaluable service, by helping to educate your readers about type 1 diabetes. Better advertising than money can buy, I say! 🙂



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The Broccoli Guy. (Yes, He’s Married.)

It truly warms my heart when a friend or even more so, an acquaintance, goes out of their way to let you know about a news article they have seen or read regarding something concerning Diabetes.

Tonight, I was surprised to find an email from an old friend whom I simply lost contact with. In fact, the last time he saw me, I was fraught with panic as Lance had crashed in the middle of a department store. I was crouched over the top of him, very indelicately, might I add, desperately trying to get Lance to ‘drink the juice’…

As soon as his blood sugar stabilized, my friend, Bryce, approached me with some trepidation.

“Hey, Kate! It’s been..what..three years since I saw you last?”

“Umm..yeah, probably. How are you?”

“Oh, fantastic!” (Holds up ring finger, and gives me the opportunity to study his wedding band.)

” Congratulations.” (Lance is moaning in my arms and defiantly indicating that he wants to go home. I soothe him, and tell him that I’m just saying goodbye.)

“So, what happened back there? This is your son, obviously?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry. Bryce, this is my son, Lance. Lance, this is a friend of mine, Bryce. He just got married.”

(Lance gives his infamous half-smile as a way of acknowledgement.)

Bryce smiled back nervously, and said, “Yeah, so what was that all about? Or is that rude to ask? Oh, that was really out of line, wasn’t it?”

“There’s nothing rude about type 1 Diabetes, Bryce. Lance was diagnosed after his first birthday.”

“Oh My God. Geez Kate, I’m so sorry. Look, if you ever want to chat, here’s my number. I just can’t believe that you aren’t a total mess after dealing with that.”

“Ha. Well, I guess you were a good distraction in that case, huh?”

“Here’s my business card, do you have an email address?”

Pleasantaries exchanged.

“Well. good luck with everything. Sorry to hear about the diabetes. Poor little guy.”

“Ah, ok thanks, all the best for the future, congratulations again.’

I shuddered. What an awkward encounter.

It was so horrid that it seems that I blocked it from my mind completely.

So, you can imagine my surprise when, almost two years later, Bryce’s name appeared in my inbox!

The subject was left blank, which left me all the more intrigued.

The contents of the email read-


How are you? I am at my office and I have just come across some news that I thought may be comforting to know.

How is your little boy? I have never forgotten how scary that all looked that day. I have been a real jerk, and I wanted to apologise. Not one person came to see if you needed help. Including me. I was too busy gawking and I’m so ashamed of that. I should have rushed over to help you immediately. Anyone could see that you needed help, and here was I, with my mobile phone in my pocket, standing there like a idiot. I don’t blame you for not contacting me.

Anyway, after you told me about how your little man has type 1 Diabetes, I got some books out from the library to find out what it is. I’m a Dad now, too, and it scares me beyond belief that kids can get sicknesses like this. You’re a really brave girl, Kate. Even that day, you weren’t scared (I WAS!!!) and you didn’t panic.

Anyway, I hope this link can be of some use to you. Maybe it’s just silly, I don’t know.



Or maybe that simple gesture was perhaps the sweetest and thoughtful offering of human kindness that I have experienced in such a long time.

(He got books from the library!!!!!)

i don’t expect huge benefits to be held in Lance’s honour by my friends, or anything outlandish, simply because he has type 1 diabetes.

However, Bryce’s email has made me consider a question.

“When your life suddenly gets complicated, how do you define a true friend?”

I questioned myself. What have I done recently that could be considered a gesture of good will?

 I sat and gave my neighbour performance tips the day before her violin exam.

I heartily congratulated Lance’s friend, Lachlan when his goal won his team’s soccer match and organised our local paper to get a shot of him and his Beckham skills.

I put up my hand to babysit my friend’s twins,(one of them eats dirt and gravel every chance she can get), when she felt that some alone time with her partner would be beneficial.

A simple gesture can make someone’s day, and not take a great deal of effort or energy out of yours.

It’s been a long, long time since I received an out-of-the-blue phone call from a friend.

I realise, that yes, especially when Lance was younger, phone calls with me were difficult. However, I learnt how to speak, on speaker phone and set up a glucometer, and gave my baby a finger prick without another soul knowing-I try to give my full attention to people who have found reason to call me.

However, as I said, in the early days, I would have to simply hang up mid sentence, as a smiling but vacant-eyed Lance would be ready to bungee-jump off  1.7mmol/L any tick of the clock.

I was always the one who let the “team” down, because Lance had just happened to have three consecutive horror days in a row, and he was naturally very clingy to me after these episodes. The sighs of frustration and impatience used to sting my extroverted soul, everytime I’d have to make the phone call..

“I’m sorry, I just can’t leave him. He’s only 2-and-a-half, and my parent’s won’t know if he’s crying because he’s sick or low or fretting, and I will be the most atrocious company.”


My point is, Bryce’s link about the natural wonder-properties of broccoli was just an incredibly thoughtful and kindhearted gesture. I don’t care that it won’t cure Lance’s diabetes, or that he won’t magically regrow islet cells as a result of broccoli a la puree consumed three times daily-it was just an incredibly kind thing to do.

Broccoli-Super Food and Natural Smile Inducer.

Broccoli-Super Food and Natural Smile Inducer.

 Someone cared enough to think of my little boy, and me, and pass on some information THEY thought may help us.

With the miracle of the internet, how easy would it be to email a friend, who you know could do with a:

“Hi, just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you…”

Thank you so much, Bryce, for thinking of us. Your link about broccoli means more to me than ten links of pure gold.

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An Aussie Sheila Havin’ Her Say About The USA.

Maybe it’s the upcoming elections, but I have been interested in the goings-on in America of late.

(OR maybe I am too disappointed in our government to care, so I’ve subconsciously shifted my interest to the Super Nation.)

Firstly, although almost a week late, I feel that I must make mention of the anniversary of 9/11.

Gone, but never forgotten.

I will never forget those images..those sounds..that fear…I was twenty-three years old, and so terrified that our nation would be next in line. I had a brand new baby, and I couldn’t believe what a horrorshow of a world I had bought him into.

To all of our friends’ in America, our thoughts are always with you at this time. Even though we lost many Aussies in the Bali attacks the year after, it was difficult to comprehend just how “real” it was. To know that your country was on red alert, with a President who wore that notorious “deer-in-the-headlights-expression” must have been the most petrifying and life-altering experience.

  In Australia, we were glued to our TV screens, screaming at our then-Prime Minister for kissing up to Dubya and sending our troops over to Iraq.

Then, of course, you have your upcomimg Election.

Wow. I bet many Americans don’t even know who our new Prime Minister is.

The prospect of having an African American President is so exciting. I don’t want to get into a political discussion, but I REALLY hope you get Obama. I mean, you deserve him after being led by a very traditional, set-in-their-ways government for the past eight years. Or is it six? Nevertheless, it’s been a VERY long time.

I have become very interested in America’s Health Care System, too.

The workings of it have always intrigued me, but after renting Michael Moore’s, “Sicko“, I was left feeling extremely warm and fuzzy towards our Medicare system.

In Australia, if a middle-income family have a child that is diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, they would be given a signed report by their endocrinologist upon discharge from the hospital, to hand into Centrelink, which would immediately ensure that your child would receive a Health Care Card. The entitlements: ALL insulins are dispensed in bulk, (eg-Lance uses novorapid, we get 25 vials; five boxes each containing 5 units of insulin), for the sum of $5. Five dollars. This is regardless of whether you have health insurance or not. You only need a Medicare Card, which every Australian citizen is entitled to, anyway.

So, in this instance, what would happen in America?? Would a family of a newly diagnosed child (without health insurance) need to get a loan to cover the cost of insulins etc??

Can we still honestly say that we are the “Lucky Country”?

I also met a fan of Michael J Fox on the weekend. (We had plenty to talk about, as I grew up with “Alex P. Keaton“, and have loved him for as long as I can remember.)

The Fan, was very passionate about all of the phenomenal fundraising and organisations that have been established by Michael J Fox and the late Christopher and Dana Reeve. I too, was familiar with the awe-inspiring attempts at cracking the code for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alheizmer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fybrosis and not to mention, type 1 diabetes, which were made possible by the genorosity of these wonderful people. We also discovered we both were huge Obama fans.

However, then things got a tad nasty.

We have been following “Who on earth is Sarah Palin” in recent weeks. She’s been getting her fair share of air time on the News and coverage in the the major newspapers, so it would be fair to say that a decent amount of Australian’s know that you have a female candidate running for Vice President. (She’s probably better known as ‘the Yankee four-eyed chick who the old Pubbo dude is having it off with. Oh yeah, she’s got a decent rack, too, so if she shut her trap, she’d probably be pretty hot, actually…’) either laugh or cry at the Aussie-isms that you run into occasionally-some people make the late Steve Irwin sound quite regal.

Anyway, back to the MJF fan.

She was concerned that, because Sarah Palin’s son has Down’s Syndrome, that she would be completely against any Embryonic Stem Cell research. I tend to broach this subject with extreme caution, as people get SO riled up. They are either extremely TOTALLY pro, or VEMEHENTLY anti. There’s very little “grey area”, where people will just shrug it off, and say, “Hey, I respect your beliefs, I’ve got mine, but can see your point, too.”

I smiled and nodded as MJF Fan verbally assaulted Mrs Palin. However, I refused to comment, which annoyed MJF fan all the more.

I’m not going to concern myself about it at the moment, I mean, I think it would be fabulous to have a new, fresh government in the United States, but as I am an outsider, and just a humble Aussie, I guess ALL that matters to me, is that your Health Care System gets refreshed and made fair for everyone. That could take my lifetime to amend, but ultimately, after watching Sicko, I was mortified that what I suspected was the case was actually true, only worse.

Meanwhile, you must be SO proud of Michael Phelps. 🙂

What an all round nice guy!! I saw a pic of him with our some members of the Aussie Men’s Swim Team along poolside, having a laugh together. Did I mention that they were all shirtless?

So, thank you for letting me act as your foreign correspondent, USA! Your country is SO much more exciting than mine at the moment!!

btw..Here’s a challenge for you.


What is the name of our current Prime Minister??

The first person to get the answer correct (who is not an Aussie, of course,) gets a post dedicated to their brilliance on my blog, and a donation made in your name to ‘Buzz Day.” 

NO GOOGLING or ANY other searches. ( I will know if you cheated!!!!)

Please entertain me. I’m bored.


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Assorted Pancreatic Tastebud Treats!

I spent hours on the World Wide Web this evening, looking for new and interesting stories to post for your reading pleasure, and so you can say that you’ve learnt a true fact for the day!

Please keep an open mind while taking in the bizarre, yet truly fascinating finds that give the word “pancreas” a whole new meaning!!!

(To be honest, it feels great to “find some dirt” about Ye Olde Void Organ. I need to laugh about Lance’s empty vessel sometimes..)

Here we go…

 GreenTripe, a one-of-a-kind pet food company,  specialise in providing only the “freshest” fine food for your dog. (They have EVERYTHING; when i say everything, I’m talking about dried trachea snacks for Rover.)

     Also on the extensive menu, are beef pancreas rolls for pooches who suffer from pancreatic complaints. ( I wonder if it has a warning, “Not For Human Comsumption” somewhere on the labelling??  *After some investigating, I discovered that it most certainly does indicate that it for animal consumption only.)*

 To prove that I’m not messing with your head, here is the link.

 (If your dog does have a dicky pancreas, then you really can’t go wrong with contacting the folks at Greentripe; they sell a 2lb roll of beef pancreas for $3.70-and, it’s especially ordered for medicinal treatment!) 

Fully Fledged Pancreas Chunks For Your Beloved Canine Companion.
Fully Fledged Pancreas Chunks For Your Beloved Canine Companion.

Now, don’t go getting all squeamish on me!

 I just found it very interesting that there are LESS than 200 healthy pancreas’s donated and able to be used for lifesaving pancreas/kidney transplants each year in Australia, yet slabs of cow pancreas’s for canine consumption are readily available over the internet, for the cost of the coins down the back of your sofa!!

Anyway, I’ve digressed. (Again.)

I really want to share a Chinese recipe with you all. Our friends in America have just entered the third week of Autumn, (Fall) and this recipe is perfect if you suddenly have the urge to whip up some cuisine from the Orient.

Here’s what you’ll need for: Silken Corn and Pig Pancreas.

(Admittedly, some ingredients may be extremely difficult to get your hands on. (Hmm, bad wording.) I’ll try again..some ingredients may be difficult to find, unless you visit your local abbottoir.


All symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure.


Promotes diuresis to relieve edema, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels.

Each serve should contain:

  • Pig pancreas 豬胰(豬橫利)– one whole (250 gm)
  • Corn with corn silk 玉米鬚� 2 cobs and corn silk or 40gm of dried corn silk
  • Chinese yam (shan yao) 淮山– 40 gm
  • Lean pork 瘦肉� 160 gm

  1. Wash pancreas and soak with 2 spoons of salt for an hour.
  2. Wash pancreas and put in boiling water to rinse for a couple of minutes. Retrieve, drain and cut into thin pieces.
  3. Wash corn and corn silk and cut into sections.
  4. Put all ingredients including the pig pancreas in a pot with adequate water and bring to a boil. Remove foam, reduce heat and simmer from 2 to 3 hours until 2 cups of water is left.
  5. Drink soup and eat some pancreas.


Eat on an empty stomach once a day and continue for three weeks as one course of treatment. Continue for a few more courses if necessary. This soup can be used to prevent and treat diabetes.(Author’s note: these are the words of the person who contributed the recipe, NOT MINE. I respect the beliefs of Chinese medicine very much, but I  cannot justify that sentence. As far as Type 1 Diabetes goes, there is nothing that can be taken or done differently to prevent its occurrance. People with Type 2 Diabetes can afford to experiment with alternative medicine as long as they are devoting an equal amount of time to Western medicine. 🙂

( I’m feeling a definite deja vu sensation…it’s the same feelings of uncertainty I had when I was handed the dandelions.)

Anyway, this is what your completed Pancreas creation should look like.

Mmm Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Mmm Mmmmmmmmmmm.

 Last but not least, a girl visiting Hong Kong provided a picture of something that resembled pan-fried potato strips.Seems Like There May Be a "101 Ways To Prepare Sumptious Pancreas" Recipe Book Doing The Rounds!

Uh huh, It was pancreas. This girl ate pancreas. She didn’t specify where the pancreas “came from”, only that she had eaten it.(I would have loved to have asked her if it “tasted like chicken…”) Any Aussie who has tasted crocodile or kangaroo or anything slightly exotic, will often reply that it “just tasted kinda like chicken, really…”

So, there you have it. Whoever knew that the pancreas could be used with such a spirit of adventure in the kitchen, and as a culinary and/or medicinal treat for your dog? It was jolly good fun to write about the pancreas with a half-smirk on my face, rather than a forehead full of wrinkles!

Please be sure to share with us if you decide to let loose and treat your dog, or if you want to capture the spirit of the Orient, and get adventurous with a pancreas!!!

Speaking of getting adventurous with pancreas’s….

Before I sign off, I will leave you with a giggle, especially if all of the pancreas cuisine talk has left you feeling slightly queasy…

Who Would Ever Have Thought That The Pancreas Could Provide So Much Entertainment!!

Who Would Ever Have Thought That The Pancreas Could Provide So Much Entertainment!!




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What’s The Buzz?

On Friday, 19 September, Diabetes Australia celebrates “What’s The Buzz?” Day.

This year, DA is hoping to raise $400 000 for ongoing diabetes eduation and research.

In many pharmacies and retail stores throughout Australia, there are boxes crammed full with useful and cute bee-related accessories that range from $4- $10.

Diabetes Australia is a fantastic support group for all Australians with Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.

A donation, no matter how small, will help contribute to fund Diabetes Camps for kids and adolescents, provide all members of Diabetes Australia with the most up-to-date research and advice, and support researchers who are continously looking for that gold nugget.

Take the sting out of Diabetes.

Take the sting out of Diabetes.

Lance donated $10 of his pocket money yesterday; he purchased a cool pen, that flashes the same neon blue that lit up the world on International Diabetes Day last November, and a keyring.

Check out the What’s the Buzz? website for more information!

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My First Year As An Official D Blogger.

Today I took a moment to inspect my blog. It occurred to me last night that I have been doing this blogging caper for one month shy off a year!

I saw photos of Lance that actually made me gasp, as he has grown SO MUCH! His appetite has to be seen to be believed- is it any wonder I have transformed into Suzie Homemaker, preparing batches of cookies, muffins and other diabetes-friendly taste sensations. He’s morphed from a little boy into my best pal. We chit-chat and laugh all day long, and never tire of each other’s company. I’m so blessed to have him. 😀

My Best Mate-All Grown Up.

My Best Mate-All Grown Up.

I recalled historical events like World Diabetes Day, and the ousting of our former stale and tiresome Prime Minister.

The First Recognised World Diabetes Day.

The First Recognised World Diabetes Day.

Little Johnny Howard. Bloody GST!

Little Johnny Howard. Bloody GST!

I read comments from all of the wonderful, supportive and unfailingly kind D Bloggers, when Lance was diagnosed with his first complications.

I also marvelled at the many new and special friendships I have made.  I am so proud of the people that I call “friend” in my Blogroll, each of them are entirely different, and it’s that diversity that I dearly cherish .

Over the past year, I have reinforced my friendship with my good friend, Shannon, who is a fantastic confidante, and so unbelievably kind. Even though we have an ocean between us, we walk in very similar shoes. (Of course, I am Lance’s Mum, and Shannon is Brendon’s Mom, Brendon being Lance’s penfriend and link to what’s happening in the States.) Dan, my younger brother, has taken some collosal steps over the past year, and as a result is sitting in a very cosy nook, where the sun is always at its brightest. I am so proud of who you have become, sweetheart. Then there is Kerri, the first D Blogger I ever made contact with. She too, has had a fantastic 12 months, and a result, made a stunning bride in May.

I have also made some fascinating friendships along the way.  Janek-possibly the most charismatic man I have ever known. I swear, he is the equivilent of Human Valium-his ability to transform me from inconsolable and exhausted, to tranquil and calm is a true gift. He feels more like family these days. Dae is a really funky chick who Lance has taken an extreme liking to-her posts are very inspiring and fresh, despite lugging Type 2 Diabetes alongside her. Oh my, then there is Kezza. This gorgeous creature has left me wheezing from attacks of manic laughter. He also talks my talk, and without fail, has something interesting or inspirational to say. If Lance could grow up and manage to squeeze his Diabetes into his back pocket the way Kezza can, I would be a very content mother. Other “Mom’s” like Rhonda and Penny are inspirational women, and it’s been comforting to learn about their daily struggles and successes as parents of beautiful kids with Type 1 Diabetes.

To every person who reads my posts, and has sent love, prayers, best wishes and hope for Lance, thank you, thank you, thank you. A sentence with a kind sentiment included can make such a difference on a trying day. It also means a lot to Lance that people from all over the world have him in their thoughts.

This post is dedicated to each of you. You continue to provide me with glimmers of hope, and some raucous cackles thrown in for good meaure. The worst day can be turned around by some gentle, patient words of encouragement.

On the same note, please know that I am always really eager to know how your lives are progressing, and that catching up on your posts is always a special time of my day.

Ah, you are just a bunch of shiny, happy people.

Special. Divine. Wonderful.

Special. Divine. Wonderful.




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