Assorted Pancreatic Tastebud Treats!

I spent hours on the World Wide Web this evening, looking for new and interesting stories to post for your reading pleasure, and so you can say that you’ve learnt a true fact for the day!

Please keep an open mind while taking in the bizarre, yet truly fascinating finds that give the word “pancreas” a whole new meaning!!!

(To be honest, it feels great to “find some dirt” about Ye Olde Void Organ. I need to laugh about Lance’s empty vessel sometimes..)

Here we go…

 GreenTripe, a one-of-a-kind pet food company,  specialise in providing only the “freshest” fine food for your dog. (They have EVERYTHING; when i say everything, I’m talking about dried trachea snacks for Rover.)

     Also on the extensive menu, are beef pancreas rolls for pooches who suffer from pancreatic complaints. ( I wonder if it has a warning, “Not For Human Comsumption” somewhere on the labelling??  *After some investigating, I discovered that it most certainly does indicate that it for animal consumption only.)*

 To prove that I’m not messing with your head, here is the link.

 (If your dog does have a dicky pancreas, then you really can’t go wrong with contacting the folks at Greentripe; they sell a 2lb roll of beef pancreas for $3.70-and, it’s especially ordered for medicinal treatment!) 

Fully Fledged Pancreas Chunks For Your Beloved Canine Companion.
Fully Fledged Pancreas Chunks For Your Beloved Canine Companion.

Now, don’t go getting all squeamish on me!

 I just found it very interesting that there are LESS than 200 healthy pancreas’s donated and able to be used for lifesaving pancreas/kidney transplants each year in Australia, yet slabs of cow pancreas’s for canine consumption are readily available over the internet, for the cost of the coins down the back of your sofa!!

Anyway, I’ve digressed. (Again.)

I really want to share a Chinese recipe with you all. Our friends in America have just entered the third week of Autumn, (Fall) and this recipe is perfect if you suddenly have the urge to whip up some cuisine from the Orient.

Here’s what you’ll need for: Silken Corn and Pig Pancreas.

(Admittedly, some ingredients may be extremely difficult to get your hands on. (Hmm, bad wording.) I’ll try again..some ingredients may be difficult to find, unless you visit your local abbottoir.


All symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure.


Promotes diuresis to relieve edema, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels.

Each serve should contain:

  • Pig pancreas 豬胰(豬橫利)– one whole (250 gm)
  • Corn with corn silk 玉米鬚� 2 cobs and corn silk or 40gm of dried corn silk
  • Chinese yam (shan yao) 淮山– 40 gm
  • Lean pork 瘦肉� 160 gm

  1. Wash pancreas and soak with 2 spoons of salt for an hour.
  2. Wash pancreas and put in boiling water to rinse for a couple of minutes. Retrieve, drain and cut into thin pieces.
  3. Wash corn and corn silk and cut into sections.
  4. Put all ingredients including the pig pancreas in a pot with adequate water and bring to a boil. Remove foam, reduce heat and simmer from 2 to 3 hours until 2 cups of water is left.
  5. Drink soup and eat some pancreas.


Eat on an empty stomach once a day and continue for three weeks as one course of treatment. Continue for a few more courses if necessary. This soup can be used to prevent and treat diabetes.(Author’s note: these are the words of the person who contributed the recipe, NOT MINE. I respect the beliefs of Chinese medicine very much, but I  cannot justify that sentence. As far as Type 1 Diabetes goes, there is nothing that can be taken or done differently to prevent its occurrance. People with Type 2 Diabetes can afford to experiment with alternative medicine as long as they are devoting an equal amount of time to Western medicine. 🙂

( I’m feeling a definite deja vu sensation…it’s the same feelings of uncertainty I had when I was handed the dandelions.)

Anyway, this is what your completed Pancreas creation should look like.

Mmm Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Mmm Mmmmmmmmmmm.

 Last but not least, a girl visiting Hong Kong provided a picture of something that resembled pan-fried potato strips.Seems Like There May Be a "101 Ways To Prepare Sumptious Pancreas" Recipe Book Doing The Rounds!

Uh huh, It was pancreas. This girl ate pancreas. She didn’t specify where the pancreas “came from”, only that she had eaten it.(I would have loved to have asked her if it “tasted like chicken…”) Any Aussie who has tasted crocodile or kangaroo or anything slightly exotic, will often reply that it “just tasted kinda like chicken, really…”

So, there you have it. Whoever knew that the pancreas could be used with such a spirit of adventure in the kitchen, and as a culinary and/or medicinal treat for your dog? It was jolly good fun to write about the pancreas with a half-smirk on my face, rather than a forehead full of wrinkles!

Please be sure to share with us if you decide to let loose and treat your dog, or if you want to capture the spirit of the Orient, and get adventurous with a pancreas!!!

Speaking of getting adventurous with pancreas’s….

Before I sign off, I will leave you with a giggle, especially if all of the pancreas cuisine talk has left you feeling slightly queasy…

Who Would Ever Have Thought That The Pancreas Could Provide So Much Entertainment!!

Who Would Ever Have Thought That The Pancreas Could Provide So Much Entertainment!!





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    Kezza said,

    Kate, this made me laugh so hard I nearly ruptured my spleen (just what I need, another broken organ) I truly do not think I could handle eating this, however I have to question how much my pancreas would be worth on the black-market? After all I’m not using it and I’m sure a human pancreas would really make those kinds of recipes pop, plus I could do with the extra cash!

    As for that last image… FILTHY! I love it!

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