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Lance and JellyBaby Month 2008.

Every May in Australia, it is Jelly Baby Month.

I am a JDRF Youth Ambassador, so it is very important for me to put on my t-shirt and lapel badge and fundraise as much as I can.

I was busy with schoolwork this year, so I didn’t have as much time to go out with my Mum and introduce myself. When I introduce myself, I also introduce my Diabetes. I always make sure that people know that I have Type 1 Diabetes, and that it wasn’t my parent’s fault, or my fault that I have this condition.

Mum organised for 3 huge boxes of Jelly Babies to be delivered to our house with Georgina from JDRF in Brisbane. Most people love Jelly Babies, so I was pretty confident that I would sell them all.

We worked, selling Jelly Babies on weekends and on public holidays. Some prople bought ten packets after they found out what kids like me go through. Everyone was very kind. I know this sounds really childish, but I was really disappointed when I discovered that I had only raised $288. My Mum explained that when you are selling items that only cost $2 each, it takes a long time to make a lot of money.

I am very proud that, along with the $288, that I have now raised $6000 for JDRF Australia. This year, I did it all by myself too. Mum just came along to make sure I was safe. I even knew how much change to give people if they didn’t have the correct change.

I have my fingers crossed that JDRF Australia makes 1 million dollars this year: The Tenth Year of the Jelly Baby.

You Can Help Us Find A Cure By Helping JDRF Australia!

JDRF deserve and appreciate every little bit of money that they receive. They make me feel special for having Type 1 Diabetes. I’m so glad that I can help them from time to time.

Jelly Babies Save Lives!!!!


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The L Word..and The N Word..and Dreaming in Mmol/Ls.

There are two words that my Mum says everyday that I have grown to really not like.



They are the names of my insulins. I have an injection of both twice a day. Sometimes, if my blood sugar is crazy, I have to have extra Novorapid. If THAT doesn’t work, I have to have even more Novorapid. That’s 6 injections a day. I can’t wait until I get my pump 😀

Did you know that my Mum and I both dream in bsl readings?

My Mum dreams that she looks at a price tag on a dress, and it says 10.7mmol/L!!!!!

I dream that I see signs on the road that say that we have 22.4mmol/L to go until we get home, or that petrol costs 13.2mmol/L per litre!!!

From now on, I made an agreement with Mum that we only call my insulins the N word and the L word.

Oh! I got a email from my good mate Brendon in New England today! I was very happy that he wrote. I hope that one day we can meet, and we don’t even mention the D word, and just have loads of fun.


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Some Dogs Are Too Good For This World.

There are four fluffy paws in Doggy Heaven for the first time tonight.

Liz and James’s  beautiful dog passed away this morning.

He was not even 2 years old.

 His Mum and Dad loved him so much.

My heart hurts for them.

No more pain Carbi…I hope you meet lots of new friends in Heaven!

The worst part is that I can’t do anything to make Liz and James feel better.

It makes me feel like crying, if I lost my Chino boy, I would feel like a part of me was gone. Carbi’s Mum and Dad must be very, very sad at the moment.

He and his brother have their own website. If you have a look, you can see what a gorgeous dog he was, and how much he was loved.

Rest in peace, Carbi.



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My Jelly Baby Hero.

In this post, I wanted to write about my favourite Uncle Dan

\My Mum did an interview on ABC South East Queensland radio on Friday over the phone. I watched her and listened to her. She explained to everybody that was listening how important the Jelly Baby is to a person with Type 1 Diabetes. (Even my Pop was listening at his home and he was so shocked to hear his daughter talking on the radio!!!)

The lady that interviewed Mum said that I had become the “Face of Diabetes” in our city!!! This means that I can help people with Diabetes who are too shy, sad or sick by raising money for  medicines and better equipment, and giving them hope by promising that I am going to try my hardest to help scientists by giving them money that I raise, and educating politicians about what we have to go through every single day.

Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia.

I saw him on the news recently on holiday in China.

People with Diabetes can go on holidays to China, but they can’t leave their Diabetes at home.

It is with you for life.

When I go on holiday, my Diabetes supplies and emergency kit is bigger than my luggage. It’s more important too, a thousand times more important, in fact.

It takes up so much room and time no matter where you go or what you do.

I think that sometimes people forget that.

I would like to sit down with Kevin Rudd and tell him about kids with Type 1 Diabetes and what they go through.

(Oh, and even though I know this man will NEVER read this because he was a stranger, but I just wanted to say, that when you were talking to my Mum and me about Type 1 Diabetes, and you told my Mum that she needed to “toughen me up with a good few wallops and that would see me better in no time,” you made me so mad.  Sad at the same time as well.)

(I thought my Mum was going to chase you she was so furious.)

We sat down on a bench together and we were angry for a few minutes, and then we laughed at how silly you were to think that hitting or punishing someone would make their Diabetes go away.

When I come to think of it, it’s the funniest concept I’ve ever heard!

\Then there are the people like my Uncle Dan. He is the type of man who would help anyone with an illness, even though he isn’t well himself. He helps charities and uses his own free time. He lives in Sydney and goes to University there. He would talk to anyone who needed help. He has a heart that is so big!  He is a member of JDRF, and he always emails us if he has heard any new exciting information about a cure. ( He is my Mum’s Info Tech Guru and brother. He makes my Mum laugh a lot, and sometimes when she has been looking after me all day when I have had a severe hypo, I don’t hear her laugh at all. If Mum talks to Uncle Dan though, her spirit comes alive again. He knows a LOT about computers!!!  He would do anything to see me free from Type 1 Diabetes. ( I would do anything to see him free from his pain too.)

 I know how much he really does love me now, because he sat down and actually made out a donation for me to go towards Jelly Baby Month. That was one of the most special things anyone has ever done for me. I will remember that when I am an old man; how my Uncle Dan helped out my charity, for me.

If every person with Type 1 Diabetes gave $1, we would already have over $140 000. Scientists and researchers could do so much with that!!! Donations don’t need to be big. Even $1 is one dollar closer to helping buy some important equipment.

I love you Uncle Dan. Last year, JDRF sent me a certificate that said that I was a Jelly Baby Hero.

This year, I am passing the title onto you.

Note from Kate:

If you are not in Australia, or you like to do your shopping online, JDRF have an online store that displays all of the merchandise that is available during Jelly Baby Month.  There is nothing over $10 in value, however there are some items that would make terrific gifts or even stocking fillers for Christmas time. (Any purchase over $2 is tax deductible.) The funds from any purchase made goes directly to JDRF Australia, who offer the best Diabetes research and support for children like Lance, and the tens of thousands of fellow sufferers who live with Type 1 Diabetes in Australia.

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May Is JellyBaby Month-Help Us Raise A Million Dollars For The Best Diabetes Research!!

It’s that time of year again!!!

Each May of every year, JDRF Australia and the Type 1 Community celebrates Jelly Baby Month.

The humble Jelly Baby has become quite the unsung hero, even pulling Lance out of a severe early morning hypo at 7am this morning!!! (8 Jellybabies later, and I could gradually see my son returning from the brink of unconsiousness.)

Every year, thousands of JDRF staff, Youth Ambassadors, JDRF Advocates, volunteers and many other generous souls go doorknocking, approach hospitals, businesses, passersby, friends and family, selling packets of Jelly Babies, pens, keyrings, teddybears-all baring the simple but poignant message:

Jelly Babies Save Lives.

Last year, almost $858 000 was raised in the month of May. This year, for the tenth anniversary of Jelly Baby Month, JDRF is aiming for $1 million, that would be donated directly to finding a cure!!!

How can YOU help??? If you shop at any of the 700 Woolworths/Safeways stores within Australia, you will notice at the checkouts colourful boxes, jam packed with the “Jelly Baby” featured everywhere, as well as groovy, fun examples of colourful, exciting merchandise. All products are $10 or less, and anything over $2 is tax deductible.

Amcal Chemists,Medibank Private and Wendy’s also help us out by selling our merchandise.

Who do you contact if you want to make a donation on behalf of a loved one with Type 1 Diabetes???

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation — All States (Australia)
Tel 1300 363 126

(If you would like to support make a donation exclusively in Lance’s name, please contact our Queensland JDRF Government Programs Manager:)

Queensland – Georgina Duncan on (07) 3221 1400 or

If every person with Type 1 Diabetes donated $1, we would instantly have over $140 000. ( In 2007, Lance and I raised $2500 on our own, simply by doorknocking from house-to house in our neighbourhood!!!!!)

This is a fantastic project to get involved in. If your children receive pocket money, how about suggesting that they contribute just $2 during JellyBaby Month, explaining that people with Type 1 Diabetes must have numerous needles AND fingerpricks, in order to survive?

Jelly babies save lives – and so can you!

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Musings With Daena-She’s Back!!

When I first started writing for “Why did the Insulin die?”, a girl with a smile from the angels replied to me and we used to write to each other every now and then. She used to make me feel really special about myself. She was at Uni, so I knew she was busy a lot.

On Sunday, I asked Mum if we could look at her blog. (Her name is Daena.)

It said that it was closed down. I was so sad, as I knew I would never probably find her again.

She lived in Australia for a long time, so as far as I’m concerned, she has a big piece of Aussie in her. 🙂

Would you believe…this morning, I got a message from her! I was actually yelling I was so excited!

She has changed her blog name!

I decided that I should let everyone know her new blog name, because apart from a few others’, she is one of my favourite bloggers. She is real, and honest: I can tell from her writing.

Her new address is:

(Her old one was If you go there, you are IN THE WRONG PLACE!!

Thank you so much, Dae, for not forgetting me, and you are now on my blogroll, so that other people can find you, too!

Just so you know, Dae has Type 2 Diabetes, but she still feels hypos and hypers and has to take medication. She goes through a lot of what we all do. She is only a little bit younger than my mum, and she is a really awesome girl.

Please go and have a look at her site: She has a very distinctive writing style. She never uses capital letters. It looks very effective.

Thanks everyone!

I’m so relieved that you are back Dae!


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The Sweetest Jellybaby In The Packet.

I haven’t written on my blog for a long time now, I have been too busy with school and being the Man-Of-The-House.

It’s a big job, you know.

I like looking after my Mum though, sometimes, even if I just do something little like make the bed she gives me the happiest smile. Those smiles make me feel really important.

I guess I wanted to say that on the 15 May, my Mum is going to a meeting with a lady from Medtronic about getting me an insulin pump!! I feel like the last person on Earth who doesn’t have one sometimes. It doesn’t bother me that much, I actually quite like getting needles. 5 seconds and it’s all over and done with.  Sure, my belly looks like someone’s bottom if they sat on a echidna, but no one gets to see my tummy so it doesn’t matter.

My diabetes is invisible to everybody else.

I can walk through a shopping centre and no one knows I have it.

I remember when I was a baby and Mum would always have to drop everything and I’d be in the recovery position outside a cool shop. The sad part is that nobody ever stopped to help her, and the saddest part is that for once, I couldn’t even help her.

I am almost 7-and-a-half now. It feels like I am a lot older though. My uncle Dan thinks that I might be an old soul. Maybe I am, I don’t know. Sometimes, Diabetes makes me feel old.  Like when an old man has to stop to catch his breath if he has to walk a long distance, I have to stop and drink a sweet drink before I can keep on playing with my friends.

I have some important letters to write now. I have to write to Ian Macfarlane MP, and ask him to ask Prime Minister Rudd if he will give kids in Australia the access to insulin pumps. I’m going to send him a Jellybaby lapel badge also. Mr Macfarlane and I are old friends now. I hope he will absorb what I am trying to tell him in my letter.

I just realised that a big part of Diabetes is all about trying to make people listen.


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