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26th April, 2008: The Sweetest Jellybaby In The Packet.

27th March, 2008: Even Cats Get Diabetes Too!

23rd March, 2008: Lance And The Cruel Jibes About Having Diabetes At Easter.

2nd February, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 40: My Everyday Ritual

2nd February, 2008: The Best Photo Ever Of MY Cat!

27th January, 2008: I Love Australia!

27th January, 2008: Warning:Pancreas’s Are NOT Pretty!

19th January, 2008: Diabetes365:Australia-Day 36:Glucose Is Better In America!

17th January, 2008: Sydney By Night, Alight With Blue-The Official Photo

17th January, 2008: The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance

15th January, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 34: It’s Not Easy Being Green..

15th January, 2008: Project365:Australia- Day 33: My Brain Says Yum And My Tummy Says Ho-Hum…

10th January, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 32-How Little Things Change In Little Ways For Little People After Diabetes. r How My Sweet Life Used To Be.

8th January, 2008: Rufus And Amigo

8th January, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 29: Rufus, The Bear With Type 1 Diabetes

6th January, 2008: I Have Type 1 Diabetes. Why Can’t I Take Tablets Like People With Type 2 Diabetes? -A Search Engine Request.

6th January, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 28:These Are The Gluten-Free Days Of Our Lives

2nd January, 2008: The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance

2nd January, 2008: Fly Away To Heaven And The Pain Will Stop

2nd January, 2008: Project365: Australia- Day 26:In 2008, I’m Going To Be As Slick As Spiderman!

28th December, 2007: The Bi-Weekly Kitten-Chosen by Lance

28th December, 2007: My Pets Met Santa!

22nd December, 2007: The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance

16th December, 2007: The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance

16th December, 2007: Project365:Australia:Day 24- Everyday

8th December, 2007: Ask Lance!

8th December, 2007: 100 Quirky Statements about Our Seven Year Old Author

4th December, 2007: Dear Pancreas……

1st December, 2007: My Aunty Liz’s Birthday!

26th November, 2007: Sugar Pie Honey PUNCH!

25th November, 2007: An Exciting Saturday

24th November, 2007: I Am FINALLY 7 Years Old!!!

15th November, 2007: Project365:Australia- Day 12- Eyes That Tell A Thousand Stories…

9th November, 2007: My Name Is Lance And I Have Type 1 Diabetes.

8th November, 2007: My Spelling Test (With A Twist Of Hypo)

7th November, 2007: You Say Hypoglycemia, We Say Hypoglycaemia

22nd October, 2007: Grape Cooler

20th October, 2007: Some People Just Don’t Understand Type 1 Kids

18th October, 2007: Whippet In The City

14th October, 2007: A cavolcade of CATS!

12th October, 2007: My Furry Friends

10th October, 2007: Bittersweet November

7th October, 2007: Tasmania or Antarctica?

6th October, 2007: Whipped Cream-the best thing that has EVER happened to my tastebuds.

2nd October, 2007: From Happy Lance to Hypo Lance

24th September, 2007: The Angry Girl

19th September, 2007: I hate it when my friends are sick with Diabetes

17th September, 2007: African Drummers and cookies-a hyperglycaemic experience

16th September, 2007: Hand it over….


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    Kristen said,

    Hello Kiddo,

    I just wanted to say hi, and hang in there… you will be BETTER than ok. I have had Type I diabetes since I was 4 yrs old and I”m 33 now and now have my own little boy. Having diabetes makes you special and will make you smarter and stronger than you can imagine. Keep learning everything you can and always TRUST and believe in your body. Yes, take your medicine and listen to your doctor..but always listen carefully to your body. I have been to hundreds of doctors in my life (probably) and they all tell you slightly different things. But don’t give up. A cure exists and hopefully someday soon you will be able to experience it. I have learned so much in all this time with diabetes. And I am still happy and healthy. You will be too.

    take care,

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