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Even Cats Get Diabetes Too!


“Oh Shiver me Whiskers, I just got comfortable and I can hear them coming to jab me with that sharp thing. I better get a treat for this….”

By Lance


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The Best Photo Ever Of MY Cat!

My cat Luna likes to sleep on his back.

We are having very hot days at the moment, so he likes to sleep on the cool floor boards under the table.

We were lucky enough to have a camera nearby, and get a shot of my favourite and funniest photo of my cat. ūüėÄ

‚ÄúOh, this heat is SOOO¬†exhausting!‚ÄĚ


This is what Luna looks like when he is not pretending to be a yawning human.


Luna dreaming of floating mice

Our pets bring lots of laughter and smiles into our home. ūüôā

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The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance


 Gorgeous Kitten that made me smile….

No cat purrs unless someone is around to listen.

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas


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The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance



“I’ve got a very bad feeling that one of us is going to lose one of our nine lives here….”

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The Bi-Weekly Kitten-Chosen by Lance

Jingle jingle jingle-ahh it’s my milk being poured!

Everyone who owns a cat is a cat-watcher.

-Roger Caras, A Catch is Watching (1989)

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The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance


 Obese cats are far less

common than obese

dogs (or obese people.)

 Desmond Morris

CATLORE (1987)

Note from Lance: I hate what the people who wrote Type 2 Diabeetus were trying to say. I am trying to educate people about how young people with Type 2 Diabetes don’t have to be overweight or drink lots and lots of soda. Besides, I like this cat. He would be very cuddly, and I bet he would have a loud purr.


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The Bi-Weekly Kitten -Chosen By Lance



New to World Kitten 

 Cats never

stop investigating

the world

once they know

it is there.

Roger Caras



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