From Parent to Parent


After 5 year of living and breathing Type 1 Diabetes, I have found that I have developed a rich database of knowledge and understanding of the condition.

The number of times a doctor has looked me in the eyes and said, “Well, what do you suggest?!! How would you normally go about tackling the problem?” is quite alarming. Whilst they understand the medical definition of Type 1 Diabetes, and are able to prescribe insulin and glucagon, it’s very much an individual condition that often doesn’t match the description in the medical textbook.

Therefore it makes perfect sense that only a parent truly understands their own child’s unique symptoms. Hence the reason I decided to start this page. Occasionally, I find an idea in my head and I think,”Wow..that would be fantastic in a book about Type 1 Diabetes for parents!!” So without further ado, I bring you “From Parent to Parent.” After all, without a parent having a firm hold of the blood sugar leash, where would our precious children be?

Any contributions are heartily welcomed. Please go to the Front Page and click on Kate to contact me.

I’ve got a before bed fingerprick to do, so I’m off!


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2nd February, 2008: Project365-Australia-Day 38:Under My Pillow Lies The Recovery Serum.

24th January, 2008: What is Coeliac Disease And What Are The Symptoms To Look Out For?

23rd January, 2008: Post Operative Shennanigans.

21st January, 2008: Pre-Operative Jitters

19th January, 2008: “Did God Give My Child Diabetes To Punish Me?”

17th January, 2008: Project365:Australia-Day 35-How Not To Panic And Save Your Child’s Life During A Severe Hypo Attack

11th January, 2008: Blogging Out Loud..Lance’s Health CheckList.

9th January, 2008: Why Are My Child’s Legs Hurting?

2nd January, 2008: Project365:Australia- No 27: Intentions

27th November, 2007: WDTID Readers:Any Advice for Johnathon?

13th November, 2007: Toof Hurty!

15th October, 2007: Whoa! Spring Makeover Time!!!

10th October, 2007: From Parent to Parent-the stuff about Type 1 Diabetes I had to find out for myself!


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    mandy atkins said,

    please can anyone out their help me with my 17 year old daughter who is suffering from diabulimia and severe depression.she has been in a mental health hospital for 8 months and things are no better.thank you mandy x

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