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All quiet on the Western Front

Hi all!

It’s hard to believe we’re in December, counting down the days until Christmas. We’ve all been running around madly, and I thought I’d just reassure everyone that this blog is quiet, but not forgotten!

Lance has had his 8th Birthday, and he’s been inundated with gifts and love. We expect he will emerge from his own Lego-land sometime in 2012. He wants to thank everyone who has been keeping him in their thoughts and prayers, especially since the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. Doctors and health-care specialists are looking into a range of ways of helping him, and Kate is doing everything in her power.

Talking of Kate, she’s just embarked on a new endeavour, and it’s keeping her mighty busy. Which is why I’m writing. Between her job and Lance, she hardly has 5 minutes to herself.

Not a great deal has been happening in the diabetes world, but great news for those in Africa, announced yesterday: Novo Nordisk is providing FREE insulin to 10,000 diabetes-affected children (Danish firm to give African children free insulin – Reuters).

I know you are all keeping both Lance and Kate in your thoughts, and they both appreciate it. Feel free to contact either of them on the email addresses hidden somewhere off on the side-bar there –>


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World Diabetes Day, 2008

More guest posting by Janek!

Once again, World Diabetes Day has come (and gone, sorry for late posting), and it’s been celebrated around the world in many different ways. The theme this year was Diabetes in Children and Adolescents, making it particularly pertinent to this blog. As my darling nephew struggles with his own condition, it’s something that I always think about; or, as Helen Lovejoy cries out in The Simpsons, “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?”. This year, Diabetes Australia worked with the JDRF and hosted a gala dinner (or, as my mother calls them, a galah), as well as hosting a group of sufferers as they climb Mt Kosciouszko.

Girls form a big heart and boys form a big foot to promote good cardiovascular and footcare in diabetics in India

Girls form a big heart and boys form a big foot to promote good cardiovascular and footcare in diabetics in India

I found that part of this year’s campaign was “bringing diabetes to light”, and a number of monuments around the world were lit up in blue. I’ve love to post them all here, but Kate might get annoyed with me, so I’ll direct you to the WDD Slideshow and the Flickr page for the photos, and end this post with my two favourite photos…

San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall

Nagoya Castle, Japan

Nagoya Castle, Japan

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Wheels Of Fortune.

It’s only just over three months away until the 6th annual  JDRF “Ride For A Cure” takes place.

The Hugely Successful "RIDE TO CURE DIABETES."

The Hugely Successful Ride For A Cure.

My good friend and fellow JDRF advocate/parent, Cathy Forbes and her amazing quadruplet of cyclists are hitting the roads for their third trek through the picturesque Barossa Valley In South Australia.

Cathy, her family and friends have one very special reason why the “Ride” is so incredibly important.

Cathy’s gorgeous daughter, Carrie has the double whammy-Type 1 Diabetes and Coeliac Disease.

The Forbes Family have made an incredible contribution over the years through fundraising, in fact this is their third year that they have rode their way that mile further to finding a cure.

Michael On The Road

Michael On The Road

In January, 2009, Carrie Forbes will have two very important family members, joined by two newbies to the team, who will be riding in her honour. Like any JDRF fundraising event, all donations are put directly into laboratories, research projects and trials, in a desperate attempt to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Proud Cathy With Her "Boys."

Proud Cathy With Her "Boys"

On behalf of a JDRF Family who have tirelessly worked and participated in so many fundraising events, I am asking readers to think of every child, (or remember when you were one) with this insidious condition. The loose change in your pocket will help to increase Cathy’s fundraising total.


To contribute in any small way to JDRF’s Ride For A Cure 2009, and support my friends, Cathy and Garry, and Lance’s friend (and major crush) Carrie, please click on the below link.

  Thanks so much, everyone!

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A Victorious Moment-Paying It Forward To Your Favourite Bloggers!

One thing I have learnt about type 1 diabetes is that just when you think your life is akin to an overgrown bunch of noxious weeds, if you look hard enough, smack bang amidst the jungle you can find the most incredible bunch of exotic blooms.

Today, I found a gorgeous flower that made me smile. In fact, I’m STILL smiling.

My friend Kez sent me an email, and told me that I had a surprise awaiting on his website. After a really horrid day, I was intrigued to investigate.

After scanning through his latest post, I soon found myself grinning, as I had become the proud recipient of the Superior Scribbler Award!

I Won This Award!

I Won This Award!


The award was originally created by Melissa over at The Scholastic Scribe. She initially awarded the prize to her five favourite bloggers, who then awarded their five faves, and so on.

My tres amazing hombre, Kez-author of Interpret This! has given me the ultimate privilege of sharing with the blogosphere that Why Did The Insulin Die is one of his favourite blogs! 

Kez writes an eye popping and lusciously addictive blog about everything between his passion for a fine automobile to his quirky, everyday life in Melbourne. Somewhere amongst all of that, you will discover that Kez also has Type 1 Diabetes. I often forget this, however, because he has the ability to just get on with the show. He showers the world with his sunny disposition, and he has a heart as huge as a drag queen’s headpiece. It hasn’t taken long at all for Kez to become someone that I dearly cherish as a friend. He is always looking out for Lance, and he has this amazing ability to make me feel so special. So, Kez, on behalf of the staff of (I actually DO have a wonderful team on board, I have my IT guru, my understudy, in case I’m stuck in a crisis or an emergency;he knows Lance and me well enough to take over, and of course, the star of the entire production, Lance,) THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kez, for selecting our little blog as one of your top 5, out of so many worthy and wonderful reads!

So, before I reveal my Top 5 bloggers, I am required to publish the rules of participating in heaping ice buckets full of praise and adoration upon the worthy winners.


Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

  • Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
  • Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.
  • Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this postand add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. That way, we’ll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!
  • Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Okay, now that the official part of the post is over, we now get down to the nitty gritty, as i announce the winners, carefully chosen by me, with some very important input from Lance.

In no particular order…

The first winner is Janek, author of The Engineer Also Muses. The name says it all..Janek is an Engineer, working tirelessly (in between msn conversations) to become Dr Janek, by obtaining his PhD. He muses about everything from humourous number plates to posting how many SMS messages he has exchanged with his beloved since they began dating approximately 4 months ago. On a more serious note, Janek is struggling to comprehend with a mysterious burden that affects his home, work and social life. He has an unexplained form of chronic pain, and despite being zapped, prodded and scanned, his medical team are unable to give him an actual reason for why his pain exists, and have therefore lumped his case with the title of nothing short of having a severe case of “Chronic Pain.” Janek manages to keep his head held high and hopes for the best-his wisdom and maturity is so advanced despite his almost 23 years. He is also a passionate advocate for many causes, and when he gets on his soapbox-be warned. Janek is only relatively new to the blogosphere, but has embraced entertaining his readers with gusto. Bravo, Janek.

Kerri‘s award winning blog, Six Until Me, chronicles her last 22 years that she has shared with Type 1 Diabetes. Determined to live life to the fullest, as well as being an amazing advocate for all people with The Big D, her posts leave you with food for thought, empower you to maintain superior health and a positive outlook despite having a pancreas void of insulin, and her ability to share her own terrifying experiences with hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia are absolutely heartwrenching. Kerri’s was the very first blog that I came across almost three years ago, I was so intrigued and excited to find an online account of survival that was written by a twenty-something, successful women from Rhode Island who knows her diabetes back to front and inside out. An absolute must read for anyone new to the Diabetes Online Community. I can guarantee that you will find yourself wanting your daily hit of Six Until Me. Oh! By the way, Kerri has managed to make her gorgeous cat an international star! 

Dan, author of My Life In The Slow Lane tells of a young man who has overcome some very dark phases through adolescence with chronic illnesses and depression. He has found the inner strength to live alone in Sydney and attend University, while enjoying an entertaining social life and seducing the reader with his incredible talents as a wordsmith. A inspiring story of how chronic illness could not hold this man back; he managed to emancipate himself from its clutches. Dan can fully identify with how living with Fibromyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are so misunderstood, very much like Type 1 Diabetes, often accompanied with the dreaded exclamation, “But you look so well!” A laugh-out-loud account of day-to-day life as a student, a patient, peppered with the excitement and challenges of a flourishing relationship. An inspiring and passionate read, with a twist of ascerbic wit and the odd, unapologetic outburst.

Bitten And Bound The Not So Pretty Side Of Hollywood speaks for itself. An all-girl lineup contribute to this blog (Missy, Meg and Andrea), giving delightfully humourous accounts of C Grade celebrities getting up to mischief.  I  recently enjoyed the Sarah Palin/Tina Fey SNL fiasco that the girls were able to present for our viewing pleasure. Bitten and Bound is your number one stop to find out about scandalous behaviour of the rich and famous, (yes, you, David Duchovny of the XXX Files.) An up-to-the-minute blog about Hollywood behaving badly, with fantastic pics to boot.

And the final spot belongs to..Shannon. This woman is possibly the U.S version of me. Her blog, Mom Wants A Cure tells of Shannon’s eldest child, Brendon, and his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes followed by his survival and the family’s acceptance of The Beast. Unlike me, Shannon has to devote herself to her husband, her two other chlldren and helping Brendon look after his Diabetes, as well as finding the odd ten minutes for herself. Both Lance and Bren were diagnosed at roughly the same time, and are pretty much the same age. Shannon’s blog is a hoot, she is unashamedly honest, (she enjoys colouring her posts with the odd expletive.) I often laugh out loud when I come across expletives used as adjectives or even the only word in a sentence. Dealing with hypos and high blood sugars year after year are bound to bring out some type of frustrated exclamation!) This woman also has the hugest heart and shows so much compassion to those in need of an ear. I relate to Shannon in so many ways, because we both are Mum’s/Mom’s who want nothing more than a cure. “Pure and Simple.” 

 Congratulations to these well-deserving recipients! It was definitely a difficult selection process. Each of these blogs provide me with comfort and much laughter.

Once again, big love and hugs to you, Kez. It was actually very difficult to keep you off my favourite five list!To all of the bloggers who have no reason to include a diabetes info and support blog on their blogroll, but have added us anyway…THANK YOU, TOO!! You are providing an invaluable service, by helping to educate your readers about type 1 diabetes. Better advertising than money can buy, I say! 🙂



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We Need Your Vote!

Our friend, Cory sent me a fantastic email today. 🙂

 Squidoo, an online organisation that provides phenomenal financial support to charities, are offering a

$80 000 giveaway to many worthy organisations, JDRF INCLUDED!

I am using this post to ask you to help Squidoo, “show us the money!”

You have the power-simply by clicking on Juvenile Diabetes Research FundSquidoo will donate $2 on your behalf!

The most exciting part of the Squidoo Offer, is that JDRF are in the running for an $80 000 donation, if enough people get behind this incredible gesture and VOTE.

Please bare in mind, that the rules do stipulate that you may only vote ONCE-if you do vote more than once, your valuable vote will be deleted.

Do you have a blog? Or a long list of contacts who would love to get involved with helping kids like Lance?

 You can help out AGAIN!

Simply send the Squidoo link to your friends, and ask them to participate! You don’t have to join up or provide any personal details, it’s just a matter of ticking the box marked, “Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.”

(Technically, JDRF stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, not fund, as listed, but hey, when this amazing opportunity is presented, and we score $2 a pop per vote, I’m certainly not going to quibble!)

The closing date for this offer is 15 October-if you can get ten of your friends to vote, you’ve just contributed $20 (thanks Squidoo!!)to the JDRF!

Cory has things covered in America, putting in every effort to make people aware of this fantastic fundraising opportunity. It would be a real honour, on behalf of Lance, and everyone affiliated with  Australia’s JDRF, if you could take a few seconds to “donate” $2, AND increase the overall total. 

It’s an extremely rare opportunity to be offered such a simple way to raise funds for one of our favourite charities who do so much for families and children, living with type 1 diabetes.


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Austin Cooper: Diabetes Style Guru.

Austin Cooper was fifteen years old when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

He had to walk away from his old life, and embrace what his new life with Diabetes held in store from him.

After going through booklets and scouring the net, Austin was still not comfortable with the chunky chains he needed to wear for life-saving identification. It doesn’t make a young person diagnosed with this  condition feel any better about it when they are presented with clunky, unhip bracelets with a red cross in the middle screaming, “I’m a walking emergency!!”

In fact, it’s quite poetic.

When I see people with Diabetes dragging the clunky versions of medical ID along with them , it almost feels like they have resigned themselves to the fact that they are “chained” to Diabetes.

Austin tried four different versions of the “chain” before deciding that the market for Medical ID was left behind in a time way before his years. He couldn’t make himself wear what was available, so he decided that he needed to make a difference.

Look no further. Austin Cooper has just brought bling to sting.

Austin’s website,, showcases his two very modern, sleek, stylish and funky medical ID designs. They are suitable for anyone with Type 1 Diabetes; on the front,they have a stainless steel engraved medical panel, “Type 1 Diabetes” stamped on the back and are 100% leather to boot!

Not only that, but with every purchase, Austin donates 10% to our favourite charity, JDRF.:D

Take a look at Austin’s Mission Statement on

EvasionID boasts a range of funkalicious, fashionable bracelets that are perfect for day/work/evening wear. They are unisex, stong, durable and very affordable!!  In fact, I announce here on this post, chunky, clunky ID chains-be gone with you!

Whether you are newly diagnosed, a teen, or an adult of any age, Evasion ID has a modern, fresh new approach for your Type 1 Diabetes Medical Identification requirements.

Just in case you missed how much I love Austin Cooper’s new diabetes innovation, check out his website

(My son, Lance already has his picked out. Actually, he wants one in two colours to mix and match.)

While I’m at it, I think huge kudos need to be given to Austin, one so new to life with Diabetes, yet one so determined to honour himself through his creativity, AND the entire Diabetes community worldwide. With 10% of his profits going to JDRF, he is also contributing to help find the cure that kids like my Lance and Austin deserve so, so much.

We, who put fashion before function, we praise you, Austin Cooper!!




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“After demands from parents, the government has agreed to subsidise the cost of insulin pumps for people aged under 18 with type 1 diabetes from November this year, at a cost of $5.5 million over four years.”

Balloons Always Make Me Smile













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