All quiet on the Western Front

Hi all!

It’s hard to believe we’re in December, counting down the days until Christmas. We’ve all been running around madly, and I thought I’d just reassure everyone that this blog is quiet, but not forgotten!

Lance has had his 8th Birthday, and he’s been inundated with gifts and love. We expect he will emerge from his own Lego-land sometime in 2012. He wants to thank everyone who has been keeping him in their thoughts and prayers, especially since the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. Doctors and health-care specialists are looking into a range of ways of helping him, and Kate is doing everything in her power.

Talking of Kate, she’s just embarked on a new endeavour, and it’s keeping her mighty busy. Which is why I’m writing. Between her job and Lance, she hardly has 5 minutes to herself.

Not a great deal has been happening in the diabetes world, but great news for those in Africa, announced yesterday: Novo Nordisk is providing FREE insulin to 10,000 diabetes-affected children (Danish firm to give African children free insulin – Reuters).

I know you are all keeping both Lance and Kate in your thoughts, and they both appreciate it. Feel free to contact either of them on the email addresses hidden somewhere off on the side-bar there –>

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    Kezza said,

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Janek. Kate you must tell us more about this new endeavour you’ve endeavoured upon. Lance, happy birthday – by the sounds of it you got exactly the kind of gift I’d have given my right elbow for, how lucky are you!

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