Hoping For The Best.

Lance and I just caught an early evening session of “Marley and Me.”

He had to lie on a blanket on the carpet halfway through as his pain levels were soaring, sitting in the same position.

We have our neurologist appointment tomorrow. I have my reference, the podiatrist’s findings and I am going to take all of Lance’s current medications. (Endep, Vitamin B1, Nurofen.) I am so impatient for a verdict, yet almost ready to pass out at the thought of a horrid diagnosis, like Juvenile Arthritis.

I am a nut case. I shouldn’t let my mind wander like this.

It’s a damn Saturday appointment, too, so I can’t go to the GP afterwards for translation or an opinion. 

Keep your fingers crossed for him, everyone. 

To everyone who has written such heartwarming and inspirational comments-thank you so much, for a few minutes, I don’t feel such overwhelming loneliness and fear. For all who are praying for a positive verdict, I thank you also. 

I will be sure to write tomorrow when I have a moment to digest the outcome of the appointment. Hopefully, I’ll have nothing sinister to report, and all of this terror I have felt this week will simply be a thought that turned into me expecting the worst instead of hoping for the best.


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  1. 1

    Jan said,

    FINGERS, TOES AND EYES CROSSED!!!! No more bad news…. No more bad news. I am kind of hoping that your previous diagnosis of neuropathy, upon further examination, proves to be something more benign. I will tune in to your post tomorrow to hear the latest news. Hoping there is an angel on Lance’s shoulder this time. How did Lance react to Marley and me? The commercials on TV gave no indication that this movie would end the way it did. Very moving, but the tears from all the children in the audience at the end…. I did not think they should have shown in such detail how the dog passed away. Or they should have provided some sort of warning. Otherwise, a good movie.

  2. 2

    Melissa said,

    Kate, you’re so brave to be handling all this. I will be thinking of you both and wishing for the best possible outcome tomorrow at the appointment.

  3. 3

    Ellyn said,

    Best of luck Lance! Keep being strong 🙂

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