1 AND 2 Do Not Go Together.

Thanks a bunch to whomever is responsible..

Every September, Australia celebrates ‘What’s The Buzz” Day. We also have an annual Diabetes Awareness Week. That last sentence makes me want to force 1000 fingerpricks until the end of the lancet is rounded upon the person/people responsible for lumping type 1 and type 2 diabetes together.

Once AGAIN, the nation is utterly confused, and has no idea about where or what type of diabetes plays a role in childhood obesity. 

You See, Diabetes Has Basically Become A Polite Way Of Saying:- “Lazy Tub Of Lard Who Injests Sugar and White-Flour Laden Foods Every Moment Of The Day…

There are newspaper articles with the latest count of people with “Diabetes.” (Notice, no distinct segregation of type 1 and 2 diabetes listed by the journalist or the source.)

There are fears for the judge everyone loves to hate on Australian Idol. Due to his punishing work load, (starting the day at 3am to do his radio show, and then working through the day with his Idol commitments), Kyle Sandilands quaffs up to 30 lattes and numerous litres of Coke, along with a packet of cigarettes everyday. He unashamedly admits that his diet is less than desirable, and he has recently been branded as an appalling example to the young listeners of his successful radio program, and the young fan base that religiously follows Australian Idol. Last year, he was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure that has him branded as a walking heart-attack. Like him, or loathe him, he is overweight,but he doesn’t deserve to have the media behaving like vultures, waiting to see him on a stretcher."I Just Like Chocolate And Sweet Stuff Too Much..."

However, then, we have his fellow Australian Idol judge, Marcia Hines, who has lived with type 1 diabetes for many years now. 

Despite being diagnosed in her mid-thirties, Marcia now spends every second of every day loving life. She has a successful career, a wonderful husband and a world-wide fan base.

Marcia-Our Type 1 "Idol."

Marcia-Our Type 1 idol.

So, you could imagine, to my dismay, Marcia Hines appeared on an advertisement during the verdict show of Australian Idol, warning fellow Aussies to get checked out by their doctor and to watch their weight. She then goes on to say, “Diabetes is a serious condition, hey, I’ve got Diabetes!”

However, there was no mention of the insulin pump that continuously infuses insulin into her body, so that she can focus on her job and not have to worry so much about what her levels are doing. Under her signature, bright attire, that compliments her cocoa skin so beautifully, lives a Medtronic insulin pump-currently only used for people with type 1 diabetes in Australia.

So, who on earth is reponsible for having the likes of Marcia Hines, speak about her condition so casually?

Is the Federal Government in a lather over the alarming surge of type 1 AND type 2 diagnoses?

Surely, Diabetes Australia aren’t using a valuable person with fame and recognition behind her, to plug diabetes as what happens when you “supersize”…

Someone with Marcia’s celebrity calibre is too valuable to be fobbed off as a “Diabetic.” Why wasn’t she encouraged to speak about her work with kids who have type 1 diabetes, and the fact that she had to hide lollies in her chair when she could feel an impending hypo on live television??

So, we have one man, who is technically, “obese”, and has not even uttered any fear of contracting type 2 diabetes, and then, a disciplined, highly respected woman, who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for almost 20 years, almost “forced” to disclose the fact that she has an auto-immune condition, for the pure purpose of shock advertising..

“Wow, if Marcia Hines has Diabetes, I could get it too! I mean, she’s in her late fifties and she looks amazing!”

If this is the case, I am utterly sickened.

 Marcia responded to a letter that Lance and I wrote her at the beginning of last year-she commended us for our fundraising efforts. She also took the time to write some inspirational words to Lance, encouraging him to never look back, and to allow type 1 diabetes to make him stronger.

(Lance was so starstruck, and impressed that he had received a response from the female judge of Idol!!)

I just want to get one thing clear.

I hold no resentment towards anyone who suffers from type 2 diabetes, no matter if it was bought on by lifestyle choice, heriditary factors, the end result of suffering from Gestational Diabetes, or even if certain medications caused beta cell damage.


However, when people see my son, and associate him, or me, as his mother and carer, with images like this:

Images Such As This Are Hammered Into Our Heads Through Advertising. People with Type 1 Diabetes Are Thrown Into The Same Category. SHAME!!!

Images Such As This Are Hammered Into Our Heads Through Advertising. People with Type 1 Diabetes Are Thrown Into The Same Category. SHAME!!!

I cannot begin to describe the anger and hurt. It’s easy enough to say, “Ah, take it with a grain of salt..”, “people are ignorant..’ This is MY son that people (who think they ARE right!!) are casting judgement upon.. MY son, who did not ask, or deserve this condition, and yet is asked almost everyday a variation on the same theme.

‘Did Mum give you a lot of sugar as a baby?”

“Does Mum have diabetes, too?”

“You shouldn’t be drinking soda if you have diabetes!!”

“At least you don’t have cancer.”

I am the first to admit that I tend to harp on this issue regularly in my posts.  I only have one child, and I gave my ALL to make sure that he had everything and was given the very best of care. Yet, when people give ME a look of “Well, you learnt the hard way, didn’t you?” I could almost scream and stamp and have a tanty like the best of them.

I’m tired for Lance, having to defend himself.

I’m tired, full stop.

Whoever is responsible for this disgraceful and heartbreaking advertising, you are messing with some really passionate and like-minded parents!

However, on a brighter note, my brother, (who last saw Lance just before he got his pump in late July,) caught up with him on the weekend. He was astounded by “how at peace, and how calm” Lance seemed, and how much healthier he appeared. (My brother is a man of very few words, so coming from him, these observations meant so much to me.)

I do apologise for the venomous rant, and I never want to hurt anyone by doing so who has Type 2 Diabetes.

It’s just this “obesity crisis”…it’s the topic on everyone’s lips. It’s heartbreaking to see a morbidly obese child who IS Lance’s age, licking the last morsels of Cheesel salt from their fingers… I am simply blown away that a parent could become so ‘relaxed’ with their child’s wellbeing. It takes so much work to undo years of bad habits associated with food. Maybe these kids feel like I do, angry that they have suddenly become persecuted and in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

I appreciate that the government are not taking this grave issue lightly, but the spotlight is being falsely aimed at a demographic who have never had an issue of any kind with obesity!! 

 And of course, you know the first disease that comes to mind as a result of “indulging in one of the deadly sins”.


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    Hi Kate, Lance, etc.

    Great post! Please see my “original” post on the issue, at


    All the best,

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