Pump Up The Jam..And The Cake..And the Doughnuts…

To all of our family, (biological and extended,) friends, fellow D Bloggers who sent their best and even complete strangers who heard about Lance’s “story”, I’m very pleased to report that Lance is home, happy, and has his insulin pump fitted!

Being such a momentous reason to celebrate, Lance and I trekked into Brisbane City, where we chowed down on a fresh doughnut, with pink glaze icing. When we were served, Lance looked at me with panic stricken eyes. It was the most joyous feeling to reassure him that he could have doughnuts occasionally, and that the press of a few buttons would take care of the insulin required to keep his blood sugar levels in a healthy range.


A delicious reality...

A delicious reality...

So far, his readings have been super, and I haven’t felt “that” internal sensation of butterflies on amphetamines due to a deathly low or ridiculous high reading for almost a week now!  Lance has had only 2 hypos this week! Both were treatable, and I didn’t feel like I needed a session with Dr Phil after he had recovered!

 His endocrinologist would like him to eventually strive for readings between 4mmol/L and 8 mmol/L. I am elated to say that he isn’t far off these levels, and is achieving amazing readings without a great deal of effort! Fantastic basals, Doc. Thanks a bunch.

Lance chose a uber cool, steel grey Medtronic Paradigm pump which he has adjusted to wearing without any issues whatsoever. His initial fears of “What will it feel like to sleep with it?” are thoughts of the past. Despite the Pump Education being very swift, I have emerged feeling very confident with site changes, and bolusing for meals and snacks.

My “Bible,” Fats and Figures, by Karen Daly, is never far from sight; it has proven to be a fantastic reference book for counting carbs.

In the past hour I have spied used test strips in the bed, on the floor, in the car,and even in the washing machine! Never has there been so many fingerpricks performed! The house is untidy, but not dirty. For once, I don’t care in the least. My son is calmer, more stable, less vulnerable, and radiating pure happiness, without a mention of a headache or aching legs. No more guzzling water or lying listlessly on the sofa…

Finally, he’s just Lance.

Here’s to the life you were meant to have, sweetheart. This is how seven-and-a-half year old boys are supposed to behave and feel.

Our sincere thanks must go to Louise from Medtronic, Dr C and the Staff at the Mater Children’s Hospital.

 You all played intergral roles in getting Lance off the syringe diet, and pumping his way to carefree, less chaotic days.


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  1. 1

    George said,

    How exciting! I am glad things are good with the pump!

  2. 2

    Kezza said,

    Whoo Hoo!!!! The two of you must be so thrilled. Hell I’m thrilled for you! This must be so totally exciting. Good to hear the making the switch has been relatively swift and simple too. Incredible!

    Oh lord… how I want a doughnut! Ha ha!

  3. 3

    Jan said,

    I’m so glad Lance enjoyed the donut! My niece has had Type 1 for three years. I am puzzled, though, by those that say you can eat anything you want, within reason, on the pump but are restricted on MDI? We were taught to count carbs, use Lantus and Novolog and the routine was similar to the pump. Often called “the poor man’s pump.” Right from the start, she was able to eat donuts or other sugary treats as a desert by counting carbs and dosing insulin with the Novolog pen. Now, three years in, and pumping three years, donuts, cereals, pies and cakes are definitely a very occasional treat. It seems blood sugars were good initially because her beta cells were producing some insulin and Novolog insulin alone would cover the donut. This is unfortunately no longer true. Yes, you can prebolus for it, combo bolus for it, etc. But insulin does not cover donuts or cereal well for her, pump or no pump. Happily, there are so many treats she can eat that do not raise her blood sugar, such as icecream and potato chips. Usually still give all desserts at the end of a balanced meal, though. I find fruit may raise BS higher than icecream, as has been documented by all the work done on the Glycemic index of food. I am glad the pump is giving Lance more freedom but if he had to use MDI, he could still have a reasonable amount of freedom, I think. I wonder if I am the only one offended by Minimed’s depiction of a girl eating a huge slice of carrot cake on the Minilink continuous glucose monitoring box? Yes, you CAN eat carrot cake, but you will still pay for it later on. Oddly, it seems Regular insulin mixed with Novolog would cover that carrot cake better than Novolog in the pump. I think the pump manufacturers need to employ more honest advertising regarding the pump. No, you CANNOT just eat anything you want and bolus for it!

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